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Dragon Q Energy is building an off-grid, solar integrated power system to bring electricity to the communities who need it most with our patent pending PowerPole. Our system is robust enough to handle the most extreme climates and weather conditions, yet compact enough to be installed with ease in the most remote regions of the world. 

In order to thrive in such harsh environments, we bury our batteries just under the surface of the earth to take advantage of geothermal cooling. The PowerPole utilizes a pressurized argon environment, mitigating the risk of fire  in an oxygen free environment. Our system is modular and can scale up or down depending on the intended use, with each unit producing 15 kWh of energy. 

The PowerPole

Proposed Applications

The PowerPole is specifically designed for both humanitarian and disaster relief, and can be used in the following applications to provide prosperity to those in need: 

Core Technology

PowerPole NBG Front.png

  • 15 kWh battery pack 

  • Chemistry agnostic 

  • Modular design

  • Direct liquid & geothermal cooling

  • Pressurized Argon environment mitigates the risk of fires

  • Weld-free design

  • Robust enough to handle the most extreme climates

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