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Dan Casey - CEO & Founder

Dan's eclectic career includes research on drones and helicopters for NASA and the US Army, then progressed towards repairing and flying helicopters utilized in powerline construction. Further along his career arc , with a few successful startups and exits under his belt, Dan felt compelled with an obligation to make an impact and demonstrate a strong work-ethic and achievement to his two young children. The genesis for the large-format, pressurized grid battery developed in Dan's journal while repairing hurricane-damaged transmission power lines in Florida in 2005. These journal entries have since manifested into Dragon Q Energy's platform battery container with the aid of countless hours of work from all the "Dragons" who have teamed up to bring the climate-changing technology to life.

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Liam C. Casey - Marketing Director

Liam is a masters student in Austria. His passion for the climate and business attracted him to Dragon Q Energy and their audacious mission and vision. He is eager to apply the marketing and branding knowledge he acquired in university and through his previous marketing work experience to  be a part of the solution of the climate crisis and make a positive impact on it.

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Quang Bui - Mechanical Engineer

Quang is a 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate at UCSB who is passionate about engineering, design, and fighting the climate crisis. Having prototyping experience under his belt, he enjoys fabricating unique solutions to real-world problems. Quang is excited to be a part of DQE's technical team and eager to aid in the development of energy solutions that will revolutionize the world.

Eliana Petreikis - Electrical Engineer

Our Board & Advisors

Mouda Abu-Sukheila
Industry Advisor
Sean Casey 
Board Director
Kevin Boehm
Board Director
Allen Kilbourne
Technical Advisor

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